Organic produce and wholefoods delivered to your door

Freshly Grown is a one stop virtual organic shop. We know that finding organic foods can be challenging. They are generally found in places that are 'out of the way', are only open on specific days and generally on those days that you should be sleeping in! Freshly Grown will help you overcome this hurdle. We will deliver your weekly seasonal vegetables to your home or office located in Northern suburbs of Joburg and on the East Rand.

You can now have a deep sigh of relief knowing that at a click of a button, you can have fresh and organic veg delivered to your door and know that what you are eating is giving your body all the natural goodness it needs. Not only will you be helping the planet by going back to the organic and natural way of eating you will also be empowering your local farmers and keeping all those questionable pesticides out of your body.