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Veg Boxes

Veg box for 2 people
The perfect box for 2 people filled with 6 different types of yummy and seasonal veg
-Brown onions
-Pumpkin Portion

Price: R80
Veg Box for 4 people
The perfect box for 4 people filled with 8 different types of yummy and seasonal veg
-Brown onions
-Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoes
-Pumpkin Portion

Price: R155
Salad Box
6 different types of crunchy salad veg
-Sweet Rocket
-Spring Onion
-Edible Flowers
-Salad Pack (Lettuce and herbs)
-Diced Pumpkin

Price: R75
Colour Box
Eat your rainbow with our colour box - filled with veggies from the Phytonutrient Spectrum
-Green beans
-Brown onions
-Brown Flaxseed (250g)
-Whole Pumpkin

Price: R155

Meat boxes

The Gourmet Box
- Beef fillet (2 x 450g fillets)
- Deboned chicken (cut in half)
- Pork loin cutlet – French trimmed (4 pieces)
- Lamb leg cutlet – with marrow bone (4 pieces)

Price: R850

The Braai Box
- Beef boerewors (500g)
- Lamb braai chops (4 pieces)
- Beef rump steaks (2 x 250g steaks)
- Sliced beef biltong (250g)

Price: R475

The Biltong Box
- Beef biltong (500g)
- Beef drywors (250g)
- Bacon biltong (250g)
- Beef chilli snapsticks (125g)

Price: R400

The Chicken Box
- Deboned and stuffed chicken (1.5kg)
- Chicken breast fillets (1kg)
- Chicken schnitzel (2 x 500g)
- Chicken leg quarters (1kg)
- Chicken mince (500g)
- Chicken burgers (4 patties)

Price: R880

Family Box for 4 people
- Lamb loin chops (6 pieces)
- Chicken strips (800g)
- Beef mince (800g)
- Beef cubes (800g)
- Chicken thighs (8 pieces)

Price: R700